Zac Heimdale



Zac Heimdale is a Tulsa native born in 1979, and graduate of The Kansas City Art Institute. He received a BFA in painting in 2010. His work has been featured in Oklahoma Visual Artists’ Coalition’s MOMENTUM and rare private showings. Tulsa Artists’ Coalition presented his BFA show, as well as a “pivotal’ show when he was only 18 yrs old. A “cradle” artist, Zac from a very early age was drawn to figurative art during his recuperation from painful bone surgery (and again later as a teen) to correct Fibrous Dysplasia

Since his graduation, Zac has been refining his trade craft and building his hours toward becoming a Master Painter. He balances his time and income in the food truck business (LoLa’s, yum!). He credits Christine as constant encouragement and the attention of older artists at TAC.

Zac joined Urban Art Lab Studios Feb 2017. His first solo show “Awakening Transient Memory” is Feb 25 & 26 at UAL daytime hours.
The show will feature Very Large work on paper as well as new work on 4×4′ panel.


My work exists in the spaces near memories and experience. I look to engage the viewer in a visual discourse between the inherent sensuality, (history), of the figure and the fiction of memory’s recreation of experience. I want my images to draw the viewer into some sort of battle between the remembering self and the experiencing self, a type of simultaneous invitation and confrontation.
The work comes from playful distemper. Figures wish to move but are caught, transfixed.

I employ academic figurative drawing combined with expressive mark making, juxtaposed against found paper placed onto canvas, panels or large scale unframed cut paper. These material references, regard the feeling of being an outsider or of being unrefined and enable the viewer to ease into an uncomfortable place, a place of between-ness, a place of deviation. Each of my works is a communication in the language of self-awareness and insists upon a cosmology necessary to the human condition.