Jesse Whittle



“My work is a comfort to me, something reliable, like a measuring tape next to the ever-changing world. It’s a helping hand, something to hold on to.” – Jesse Whittle

“My art practice involves both painting and drawing. Each painting begins with an idea about color and composition. Things I see in my everyday life inspire my work. Stacks of thrift store treasures cluttered about, piles of free stuff next to a curb inform my sensibility. While I disquise these objects through abstraction the idea of objects leaning, stacked and overlapping parallel my effort to express my own emotion and personal insight.”
Vibrant stacks of colorful brushwork inhabit the expressive paintings of local artist Jesse Whittle. In his painting “Arrangement of Circumstance No. 1”, one’s eye is directed by strokes of charcoal that reverberate against an electric yellow-green hue. One of the most exciting new elements in Whittle’s painting is his use of a technique called sgraffito, which involves scraping into wet paint to create linear marks that produce excitement and visual interest.

Whittle was born in Waco, Texas in 1983 and grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has exhibited across Oklahoma since 2006. He graduated in 2006 with a degree in Studio Art from St. Gregory’s University and in 2010 started a career as an art educator.

Art Tutoring

Jesse Whittle offers Art Tutoring services. The mission of this service is to encourage clients to take ownership, and to think critically about their art practice. Making decisions about how artwork is to develop through portfolio review and art critique. Development of art careers do not just require investment of time and money. Good advice is priceless. This service is ideal for high school students wishing to develop a portfolio for college entrance. Appointments cost just $50 per hour or $125 for a three one-hour session. Call to make reservations now at Urban Art Lab Studios. 918.747.0510.